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The Invisible Things Around the House That Are Worth Spending Money On
Peach & Craig’s Peaceful Australia Abode
These are not your sexy showstopper purchases. In fact, no one (except you) will probably even know these things exist. But that’s okay. Your life will be miles better if you spend some bucks on this stuff.


Why One Social Network Just Turned Off Followers And Hashtags
Storehouse, a mobile publishing network by ex-Apple designer, has decided that followers create pandering, and pandering ruins everything.
When the iPad app Storehouse launched in early 2014—designed as a way to publish brief, uniquely laid out, photo-driven stories with the world—it operated with all of the flourish you’d expect you’d expect an app led by an ex-Apple designer to have. The company was founded by Mark Kawano, who had worked on iPhoto and served as Apple’s User Experience Evangelist before founding his company, and it showed.

Spy Plane Concepts – The Lockheed Martin TR-X Can Function With or Without Pilots (
( The Lockheed Martin TR-X is a newer, stealthier and highly improved version of the U-2 spy plane that was constructed at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works all the way back in 1955. Back then, the…

Portable Tiny Offices – This Tiny Office Makes Liberal Use of Reclaimed Materials (
( This mobile Tiny Office is a dwelling that is compact, affordable and convenient. The Tiny Office measures 2.2 x 3 x 2.98 meters. The interior is rather simple and includes a pair of windows, a…

Evolved Hybrid Vehicles – Volkswagen’s New Tiguan Vehicle Features Highly Evolved Styling (
( The new Tiguan is a Volkswagen offering, initially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, that offers a bold and evolutionary approach to its styling as a concept Hybrid. The new Tiguan is…

Car-Detecting Smart Bikes – The Cotlo Corvus Smart Bike Can Detect Cars Coming From Behind (
( The Cotlo Corvus smart bike is a bike that is equipped with a special car-detecting rear radar system. This radar setup works in conjunction with a built-in OLED display to enable the rider to…

Expressive Musical Instruments – The Seaboard Rise Makes Musical Expression More Affordable (
( The Seaboard Rise is an expressive MIDI device that is designed to offer musicians an easy-to-use multi-platform synthesizer solution. In fact, this particular device is equipped with the first ever…

Unscented Natural Deodorants – This Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick Masks Scents and is Non-Irritating (
( There has been many debates over using aluminum-free natural deodorants and whether they actually effectively mask odors despite the lack of chemicals. The MenScience Advance Deodorant expertly…

Contrasting Cruise Charts – This Infographic Helps Travellers Decide Which Vacation is Best for Them (
( Informative travel site Travel Store put together this cruise chart infographic to help travellers visually see the comparison between ocean and river cruise vacations. This is a helpful chart for…

Celebrity Cannabis Websites – Snoop Dogg’s New Venture Merry Jane is an THC-Themed Online Platform (
( Celebrity rapper Snoop Dogg recently announced the creation of his latest venture project Merry Jane that will be a lifestyle website with a cannabis focus. The site will be a platform to everything…

Cartoon Cast Tattoos – This Back Tattoo Features All 200 Characters from The Simpsons (
( Australian Michael Baxter boldly went were no The Simpsons fan has gone before with this expansive back tattoo that features all 203 characters from the show tattooed in full color. The gigantic…

Customizable German Motorbikes – The BMW Motorrad Concept Path 22 Reinterprets a Legendary Vehicle (
( The BMW Motorrad Concept Path 22 is a motorbike that was created by the German automaker with the cooperation of the world-renowned custom builder Roland Sands, famous artist Ornamental Conifer and…

Aerodynamic Electric Cars – The Artega Scalo Offers Active Aerodynamics and a Sleek Design (
( The Artega Scalo is a spectacular electric sports car created by boutique German sports car maker Artega as part of a productive partnership with auto electronics maker Paragon. Unveiled at the 2015…

Social Productivity Apps – The Pingpad App Provides a Platform for Executing Group Work (
( The Pingpad app is the ideal platform to help coordinate group work and projects by providing a productive social environment where work can get done. The app helps users plan, source and execute…

Musical Invitation Machines – This Karaoke Machine Invites People Who Sing to ‘Rock in Rio’ (
( This year, Rock in Rio will be celebrating 30 years of featuring great musical acts, so this special milestone demanded festival invites that are equally as exciting. As a Rock in Rio 2015 sponsor,…

Sculptural Solar Flashlights – The Sphelar Torches Draw On Power from the Sun (
( The Sphelar Solar Flashlight is an innovative torch design that relies on the power of the sun’s rays to garner energy. When the flashlight has gained a full solar charge it provides users…

Affordable Student Dwellings – Campus Hong Kong Uses Tetris-Inspired Planning to House Students (
( Campus Hong Kong is a student residence that uses highly innovative design principles that appear to be inspired by the classic game Tetris. Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive…

Convenient Cycling Vests – The Elecwear Cycling Vest Allows For Hands-Free Signaling (
( The Elecwear is a cycling vest that offers two interesting advantages—it allows you to enjoy music as well as the ability to issue turn signals, all hands-free. The vest can be powered by a…

Gradient Sport Cleats – The New Balance Furon Deep Orchid Sneakers Are Form-Fitting (
( New Balance’s all-new Furon sport cleat offers a stylishly modern, technicolor and form-fitting design that is ideal for athletes searching for a shoe that improves performance and looks great…

Wireless Bicycle GPSes – The Element GPS Bike Computer is Ideal for City Commuters (
( The Element GPS Bike Computer is an innovative commute-enhancing gadget that expertly attaches a wireless GPS to the frame of your bike. This is ideal for city goers that are often traveling via…

Vinegary Date Condiments – Date Lady’s Flavored Balsamic Vinegar is Prepared with California Dates (
( Enjoying a flavored balsamic vinegar often requires an acquired taste, but the Date Lady’s Balsamic Date Vinegar balances the bitter acidity of the dressing with sweetness from an unusual…

Xiaomi Announces Impressive $200 Smartphone And Prepaid Mobile Services In China
Mi_4c.001 Xiaomi has announced its latest smartphone, the Mi 4c, an impression $200 (budget) version of its flagship Mi 4 device. That’s not all: the Chinese company also ventured into mobile operator services after revealing two prepaid packages for customers in China. Read More

Date-Based Sweeteners – Date Lady’s Organic Date Sugar is Made from Crushed Whole Dates (
( Date Lady’s organic, gluten-free, vegan and kosher Date Sugar is an all-natural sweetener made from crushed whole dates. Naturally, dates are high in sugar, as well as fiber and minerals,…

Sean Penn Is Suing ‘Empire’ Creator Lee Daniels for Defamation
Two of Hollywood’s most self-important douchebags are squaring off in a grudge match.

Coffee Food Pairing Charts – This Infographic Shares the Best Desserts to Enjoy with Various Coffees (
( Coffee Tasting Club recently put together this food pairing chart that helps to explain what types of coffees are best suited to different types of desserts. This is an ideal read for any coffee fan…

Announcing The TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Battlefield Finalists
21448948320_bfb41e0e43_k We’ve officially closed Day Two of TC Disrupt SF 2015, complete with speaking appearances from John Doerr, Andre Iguodala, Nick Woodman, and Tim Westergren. But as Tuesday of Disrupt comes to a close, so too does the first phase of the TC Disrupt Battlefield. Of the 25 companies to launch on our stage, six were selected to participate in the final round, where they will have exactly… Read More
‘Happy Birthday’ song loses copyright, now in public domain
Definitely a blow to Warner/Chappell Music, a federal judge has issued a decision that the copyright on the ‘Happy Birthday’ song can no longer be enforced and used to collect royalty fees.
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Gingery Vinegar Beverages – Up Mointain Switchel is Being Touted as “The New Kombucha” (
( As a beverage that’s made from a few simple ingredients like water, apple cider vinegar, ginger and a sweetener, Switchel is being called “the next kombucha” for its amazing health…

Uber Is Testing UberCommute, A New Carpooling Service, In China
uber headquarters Uber is testing a new kind of carpooling service after it announced UberCommute, a service that will be piloted first in China. The news comes weeks after UberChina closed a $1.2 billion funding round. Read More
Crispy Chicken Skin Popcorn – This Flavored Popcorn Snack is Infused with a Chicken Skin Seasoning (
( Popcorn is often infused with a variety of sweet to savory flavors to heighten the popped kernels’ taste and this recipe cleverly seasons the snack with crispy chicken skin. While the idea…

NBC launches new Roku app, new fall shows accessible to all
Expanding out beyond platforms such as iOS and Android, NBC has created a new, free application that will let Roku owners stream new shows as well as returning programs over the Internet.
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Project-Tracking Apps – This App Makes It Easier for Freelance Designers to Manage Multiple Projects (
( ‘FlySolo’ is a web app that makes it easier for freelance designers to manage multiple projects at the same time. For designers who work outside of a traditional office environment, it…

Startup-Pitching Platforms – This App Gives Young Entrepreneurs a Simple Platform for Sharing Ideas (
( ‘Founderfox’ is a new app that gives young entrepreneurs a simple platform for sharing ideas and pitching new business ventures. While the digital age has made becoming your own boss…

Low-Weight Brake Calipers – The New Brembo Brake Calipers are Designed For High-End Vehicles (
( The Brembo brake calipers are a new series of special car calipers that have a special design that allows them to bring together low weight with the same rigidity associated with the best quality…

Connective Hose Accessories – The Aquor Hose Adapter Doesn’t Require Screw-In Connectors (
( Seattle-based startup Aquor has come up with a new and improved hose adapter that uses plug-and-play functionality to quickly, easily and conveniently connect hoses and accessories. The beauty of…

Online vinyl mecca Discogs is creating a mobile app

Vinyl database and reseller Discogs will launch its first official mobile app in the first quarter of 2016. The new app will allow users to search the database, catalog their collections, and view marketplace pricing.

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3D-Printed Nerve Guides – This 3D-Printed Silicone Contraption Helps Treat Nerve Damage (
( A group of American researchers have created a special 3D-printed silicone contraption that can be used to encourage nerve growth and attachment. These devices contain a number of special…

Garbage-Picking Robots – These Volvo Robots Help Autonomously Pick Up Garbage (
( These new Volvo robots are the result of a collaboration between the Swedish automaker and a number of educational institutions and companies in both Sweden and the USA. These robots are part of…

Canine Visual Receivers – The Cerebrus System Allows Dog Handlers to Maintain Video Contact (
(   The Cerberus Digital Canine Transmission system is a Colchester-based creation that helps canine handlers get a better sense of what visual cues their dogs are picking up. Dogs are…

ShieldSquare Takes A New Approach To Malicious Bot Traffic
ShieldSquare7 While the world of viruses has given rise to a number of antivirus companies, not least of which was McAfee, who we had at TechCrunch Disrupt this week in SF, the world of bots has become a bigger and bigger headache for content owners. Bot traffic to sites is much larger than human traffic and it can create a serious problem for sites. Indeed, last year LinkedIn filed a lawsuit against… Read More
Arielle Zuckerberg, Zuck’s Youngest Sister, Is Joining Kleiner Perkins
kpcb-logo Arielle Zuckerberg, the youngest sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is joining Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers next month as the firm bids to inject youth and diversity into its line-up of partners. Read More
Separate.Us Wants To Bring Divorce Online
Separate us – 04 Divorce is painful enough. wants to at least make the paperwork easier. Much like TurboTax,, which launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, takes complex, confusing forms and translates them into simple questions. founder Sandro Tuzzo hopes this tool will help those seeking divorce file on their own and avoid the expensive fees related to hiring lawyers. Read More
Money Intel Wants To Help Companies Quickly Set Up And Manage A 401(k)
Money Intel1 For smaller companies, setting up a 401(k) can be one of the most difficult exercises — but it’s still one of the most important ones. That’s why Money Intel is trying to simplify that process and make it easy to set up one in a few minutes. For small businesses, setting up a 401(k) is one of the most important steps for its employees — both financially and symbolically. Read More
ProtonMail Adds Support For Facebook PGP
protonmail Today, end-to-end encrypted email provider ProtonMail has added support for PGP encrypted Facebook emails — allowing Facebook users to get their encrypted missives automatically decrypted within ProtonMail. Read More
WakaTime Wants To Be The Fitbit For Developer Productivity
Wakatime – 05 If you’re a developer, do you know how much time you actually spend coding every day? And do you have a breakdown of which languages you’re working in and what files you’ve been focusing on lately? WakaTime, a finalist in our Disrupt SF Battlefield, helps developers — and especially those that work as contractors — keep track of all the work they do in over 40… Read More
Stephen Curry has been embarrassing scouts since 2010, as explained in this video for CoachUp

The 2015 NBA MVP reads his scouting report as the voice-over to his new ad for CoachUp, the coaching connection website, where you go to connect with coaches and trainers. Curry said that becoming part owner of CoachUp was a natural fit.

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Fandango’s Naked Lunch to feature celebrity guest stars, Phil Rosenthal and David Wild

Naked Lunch, a new talk series, is headed to Fandango. The series will feature a variety of celebrity guest stars who will talk movies with TV writer and producer Phil Rosenthal and writer David Wild.

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GoPro To Help Nonprofits Bring Attention To Their Causes
go-pro-sf2 Companies often throw money at social causes, but GoPro is doing something a bit different. It’s providing nonprofits with GoPro cameras, financial support, video producers and content distribution. Founder and CEO Nick Woodman announced the program today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. Read More
Preemadonna Turns Your Smartphone Into A Nail Salon
Preemadonna – 01 Preemadonna just unveiled the Lacey Nailbot, a nail decorating robot, at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015. The Lacey, which will retail for $199, uses your smartphone’s back camera and prints full color art on nails in just a few seconds. The only thing you have to do before putting your finger under the Nailbot is prime your nail with white polish. The Nailbot uses inkjet, and… Read More
Stampery Leverages The Blockchain To Certify All Your Documents
Stampery7 Meet Stampery, a startup that wants to replace notaries with bitcoin’s blockchain. The service can issue legally binding proofs for all your sensitive documents, and the company is presenting its next version on stage today at Disrupt SF. Read More