A more in-depth look into Bitcoin System

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How to register with Bitcoin System?

We are available in most countries, and there are no special requirements for registering with us. You only need to sign up, verify your account, and fund it with as little as $250.

We operate through brokers who require all users to verify their identities to be able to transact on the platform. ID verification is a crucial measure meant to protect your account from fraudsters.

Follow the steps below to kick start your trading journey with Bitcoin System. Remember that any highly leveraged form of trading carries risk and hence invest what you can afford to lose.

  1. Register on Bitcoin System website – Signup with us by filling the form on the top right corner of this page. Secure your Bitcoin System account through a strong password and agree to our trading terms and conditions.
  1. Deposit at least USD 250 – This is what the underlying broker will use to buy and sell crypto on your behalf. All deposits happen through a matched partner broker.
  1. Practice trading on a demo account – We offer a demo to enable you to prepare before staking real money.
  1. Trade on a live account – Follow the Follow the provided guide to place trades on the live account. You can start earning decent profits from the first day if you follow the trading instructions religiously.